Curve Fever Pro is one of the latest iO game, and it’s regarded as an upgraded version of The game is pretty much inspired by game, pitting you against so many dangerous online opponents in the same arena. You will come across them multiple times and you must try your hardest to beat them all for a chance of winning. So, have all your skills with strategies ready then jump into the action now!

About Curve Fever Pro

Curve Fever Pro puts you in the shoes of a snake-like character roaming through a huge arena to hunt down all enemies then quickly steal their points. You will have to beat 5 other rivals in this playing field. With up to 27 discrepant powers, you can utilize them to launch your attacks to the enemies. You’d better destroy them using your excellent abilities then get their points while attempting to protect yourself from a lot of impediments, such as laid trails, traps, as well as the enemy attacks. Always stay on the lookout for your surroundings during the course of the fight, because one mistake will lead to a big failure!

During the fight, make sure that you defend yourself from the dangers around and attempt to focus on picking up as many kills as possible. If you soak damage from the rival attacks or the traps, some of your hard-earned points will be gone, and you won’t be able to win. When making your way through the map, do whatever it takes to elude the trails left behind by some ships. You can try to steal points from the enemies by shooting them or killing them with your planted traps or bombs in their way, which totally relies on the powers you have picked.  You will win the game if you are the first one reaching the point goal first.

Play Curve Fever Pro Online

You are also able to challenge your friends in some great custom games! To do so, just simply share a link with them then you guys will join the same room!

How to Play Curve Fever Pro

There are two game modes featured in Curve Fever Pro, including “Quick Play” and “Custom Rooms”. If you want to play with players from across the world, then join “Quick Play”. Otherwise, you can choose “Custom Rooms” mode to play, make a private room then invite your friends to play with you.

In-game controls:

  • To steer your character around the map using left and right arrow keys or keys A and D.
  • To arm your character with two powers, just simply press key W or up arrow key for one power, and the other one will be selected via key S or down arrow key.


  • Slither Style IO game with amazing graphics and wonderful effects.
  • Familiar yet still addictive gameplay mechanics.
  • Lots of traps and dangers that need to be dodged for a chance of surviving and becoming the last survivor ruling the arena.
  • Plenty of abilities that can be utilized and customize to fortify the survival in the game.
  • A big arena containing up to 6 players from across the world to compete against each other.
  • Lots of abilities to upgrade and many new types of characters to unlock.