You will fly into space to battle against a huge number of online players in Pury.space free io game. The game opens up an epic shooting battle where all players have a chance to express their skill. You are not alone floating over in space, but you will have to control a triangle ship around the map gathering a huge amount of fuel. During your quest, do your best to fight off all space pirates with enemy ships using your provided laser cannons. Besides them, you must also avoid contact with asteroids too, or else your ship will get damaged. It will be not easy to prolong your life in Pury.space game, especially when there are many enemies you have to face. But this doesn’t mean you will give up on it. Try your best to overcome all of these challenges then you can fly into the top 1 on the leaderboard.

How to Play:

Right click to move your ship, double it and hold it to speed up. Left click to fire, and change your weapons using the mouse wheel scroll.

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