About is a multiplayer io game unblocked with the same gameplay as, but it will promise to give you new challenges and new fun. You are dropped into a huge map where you must absorb smaller players and cells to increase your size. When you feel ready, you can engage in conflict to battle against the enemies. If they are smaller than you, quickly consume all of them for a bigger size, but if they are larger, you’d better run away from them before they catch you. Through over time, your germ will become much larger and you don’t have to fear other players. But during the course of the fight, if you get eaten, the game will be over, causing you to restart it from scratch. Your goal in free unblocked is to become the most dangerous germ devouring all other germs. Let’s give it a shot now! Good luck to you!

How to Play:

Direct your germ around the map using the mouse.

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