About is a tower defense io game where you take control of a floating castle and play against multiple enemies. The mission is to dominate the top spot. It is obligatory to protect your home as long as possible. That forces you to defend it from the foes carefully or you will be eliminated in a wink if it is destroyed. Travel through clouds in unblocked and you are able to encounter lots of beasts such as dragons, along with other players and their bases. Remember that you can devastate their houses to earn a higher rank! Try to move around them cautiously before releasing attacks! You can sprint to chase or escape.

In free, it is very easy to increase your XP if you collect mana orbs and choose to evade crowds. The point will allow you to unlock new stages. However, you can’t buy upgrades for your kingdom anymore after Level 145. It is really a challenging online journey. Good luck!

How to Play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to navigate your castle, left mouse to attack, right mouse to boost speed

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