About is an engaging and competitive Slither Style web browser game set in an arena full of snakes. You direct a line snake around this playing field carefully to collect numerous power-ups scattered on the ground and use them to give an edge over your enemies. Make sure to navigate the snake skillfully, if you crash into any obstacles, like the enemy trails, walls, you will meet your end instantly. There are only 6 players in the arena, so it’s kind of tough to defeat all others, but that’s your challenge! Make good use of your abilities and play with good strategies to kill all of them then work your way up to the top rank on the leaderboard where you can establish your ultimate supremacy and become the most dangerous line snake of all. This IO game is free to play in your browser, so jump into it now to show what you’ve got!

How to Play:

Use left/right arrow keys to control and turn your snake around the map in the game.

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