There are plenty of io games free for all players to play in their browsers, and online is one of them that can keep you amused for hours. free is a game with spooky creatures. It is taken in a huge arena where you must go gather a lot of candy and try to hunt down ghouls to eat them all. With Halloween element, you will find it more engaging to play. When you make your way through the map searching for stuff, you can join a team if you want, and try to conquer all levels with the most amount of candy possible. Don’t know where to find more delicious candy? Don’t worry about this! There are some hints and arrows on the screen that you can follow to find them. Also, if you encounter enemies, you should use some tricks on them to clear them up, making them unable to hinder your way. Teamwork can give you the advantage to complete the mission! So work with your comrades to surpass all challenges. Do you have what it takes to obtain the candy? Good luck!

How to Play:

Move through the arena full of candy using WASD. Click the mouse to navigate.

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