About is a survival horror RPG io game set in a very sad world. Discover the new challenge and help your chicken survive as long as possible. Keeping him safe will be the tip to conquer the top spot on the leaderboard. Actually, will bring you to an intense match in which you will have to find out every way and make use of your all skills to complete the target.

Not only that, unblocked is placed on an extremely small dish. Every player including you will be fired from a cage and gather together in the same cramped arena. Aside from moving, you can fly if you fall off the edge to come back. It will be a brutal battlefield when others can dash and push you out of the position whenever. You can choose to be aggressive or dodge. It is feasible to eat corn! More importantly, you need to outsmart the rest to win. It’s time to practice abilities! Good luck!

How to Play:

Use W-A-S-D or Arrow keys to move, Space to jump, Double tap to sprint
Hold Space to dash or fly

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