About free unblocked is a new action-packed io game online about an epic battle between the nullermands controlled by real human players. Prepare yourself for this battle now then step into it to fight against enemies. When you step into the map, you will see that there are many bullets around you. The bullets can function as weapons or a strong shield, which means you must use them to shoot down all enemies that get in your way and use them to defend yourself from the enemy attacks. Keep in mind that your HP are also your bullets. It’s good to collect more bullets, but don’t do that much either, or else you will have to move at a very slow pace. Watch out for your surroundings when roaming the map to hunt enemies. Your life is an important thing in game, so you must protect it at all costs. Can you reach the top? Good luck!

How to Play:

Move with arrow keys or WASD. Shoot at enemies using the left mouse.

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