About 3

Continue to conquer another awesome adventure brought to you by 3! This is the third chapter in series, and you can join it in your browser for free. The game is back with more challenges for you to vanquish. Once again, you also have to put your effort into forming the biggest realm possible. You make your way through the arena trying to get more spaces for yourself, and quickly connect all of them back to your given base so you can make it bigger. It can sound like an easy quest, but you will be in trouble if somebody gets closer to your tail. Therefore, try your hardest to protect your tail and stop all enemies from hitting it, or else it will be a game over for you. You can crash into the tails of other players to wipe them out as well. If you use strategies, you can easily outplay your rivals and get to the top 1 on the server in 3. Good luck to you!

How to Play:

Move your character around the arena by using the mouse, arrow keys or WASD.

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