About is a classic and simple but very exciting unblocked io game. Immerse yourself into a unique ocean and compete against all of the existing heroes for the top spot as soon as possible! If you want to climb up to the highest position on the ranking, you do not forget to make a plan which is effective to defend your life. Although collecting rings and increasing your scores are important, you should keep away from every dangerous item. Evade or dodge them promptly to survive longer!

It is easy to sprint and escape from projectiles across free! However, you can rush into spikes traps when they have popped up. If you cannot change the direction, you will lose immediately. Remember that they will not appear always! Are you ready to get entry to the fast-paced action-packed race and conquer the leaderboard? Play with competitors online and share with friends right now!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to move, Left mouse to sprint

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