Join free game unblocked right now to present your abilities. promises to become one of the best and the most addictive shooting io games free for all to master. You step into a huge arena and start moving around it to seek opponents. When you encounter them, you should throw your hammer at them quickly to finish them and attempt to defend yourself at the same time. Your hammer is a boomerang, which means you can summon it back later easily. Be careful when you kill others because you can become someone else’s prey too. Always stay on guard and cope with all the dangers around you in time. Don’t forget to check your HP frequently! If it reaches down to zero, the game will be over immediately. The aim of Thrower io free game is to pick up as many kills as possible to reach the top rank on the leaderboard.

How to Play:

Move your thrower using arrow keys or WASD. Use the spacebar to sprint, the left mouse to throw the hammer and use the right mouse to recall it.

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