About Wormax2.io

Wormax2.io is a new and improved slither style iO game. Hop into a large arena and compete against all online rivals for the top spot. It has rules similar to the first chapter Wormax.io. However, you can find lots of power-ups not existing in that entry. Explore the sequel Wormax2.io and you can experience a fun adventure with multiple enemies from around the world. The goal is to become the longest worm.

Play Wormax2.io unblocked like a beast and you should eat as much as possible before you complete the mission! Don’t worry! Aside from special items on the map, you can search for food for free easily. Do not crash into anybody or you will explode and turn into the dinner for everyone! You are allowed to be invisible and speed up when these abilities are active. It’s effective to hide, escape, and surprise the target! Try to survive and dominate the leaderboard!

How to Play:

StrikeLMB or RMB or Q to speed up, W to stop, E to become invisible, 1-5 to choose a smiley

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